Our homes extend beyond what is within the walls, with simple pleasures like the warm afternoon sun and fresh Australian air able to transform our whole mindset. With decks and pergolas by Banzai Constructions, your family can enjoy the natural environment as part of the home.

Enjoyable in both summer and winter, careful planning and design can ensure a quality product is delivered that is useful all year round. The smell and sound of charcoal-kissed sausages on the barbeque brings back fond memories of most childhoods, and a new deck can allow you to host your family and friends to create more.

An entertainer's dream, a deck creates additional space to host countless events. From dinner parties with friends to Sunday morning breakfasts enjoying the peace and quiet, a deck provides a safe and comfortable area to relax and soak up the outdoors without having to leave home. They serve as a great way to expand your living room and a versatile way to add value to your property.

Pergolas are equally useful to homeowners, offering shade from the blistering Australian sun. For garden lovers, a pergola offers endless possibilities to blend the structure and your home with the natural environment. Whether it’s a small shaded walkway or a larger sitting area, Banzai Constructions have your needs covered, making all their pergolas to the highest level of workmanship to help transform your backyard into a new entertainment area.

If you’re after a combined deck and pergola, working with Banzai Constructions will ensure a stress-free experience: with one point of contact, you don’t have to go through multiple businesses or contractors. By using strong materials, your new outdoor luxury escape will have year-round weather protection and be built to your specifications from dozens of design options to ensure a low-maintenance addition to your home.