From our morning rituals to luxurious self care options, bathrooms are the place where everyone takes some time to look after themselves. It’s only right that you have the bathroom of your dreams: Banzai Constructions are able to perfectly blend functionality with extreme elegance to create something that looks lifted from a glossy magazine.

Bathrooms are incredibly difficult to renovate and are more time-consuming than any other room in the house. The process involves multiple complicated trade skills, from plumbing to tiling and design. That's why it's essential to find a builder that you can trust to listen to your needs and work to deliver a bathroom that works for you.

Discussion of the latest trends and products available with someone that understands the difficult process will help you find a design solution that suits your desired aesthetic, lifestyle and budget.

The size of a bathroom renovation can vary from small upgrades, like replacing cabinets and fixtures, to a major renovation that involves stripping the room completely and working with a blank canvas.

Whether you prefer a modern and sleek design, or want to fuse the bathroom with the rest of the house to create a cohesive environment, the possibilities are endless. An updated bathroom can add significant value to your property if you’re thinking of selling, or can create a sanctuary you love to relax and unwind in. Renovations to cater for accessibility needs are essential for many homes, and talking to a trusted builder will ensure a design that opens space and enhances safety.

With hours spent in our bathrooms each week to care for ourselves, you deserve a space that looks good and makes you feel comfortable. Call Banzai today to discover how you can turn your bathroom into your personal oasis.